What's Thread Count?

What's Thread Count?

People often don't know the important parameters to look for when they go shopping for bed linens and are bombarded with a lot of jargon. Thread count is one of those phrases where people know it exists but most people don't really know what is or why it's important. We at Kansso wanted to simplify it.

Thread count is the total number of horizontal (weft) threads and vertical (warp) threads in a square inch of fabric. For example, to weave a 300 thread count fabric there would be 150 horizontal (weft) threads and 150 vertical (warp) threads in each square inch of fabric.

Thread count affects the softness, durability and thickness of fabric. A very low thread count can make the fabric too thin and less durable, but a very high thread count can make the fabric too thick and less breathable. An idea thread count is between 300 and 600 depending on the weave of the fabric. 

Is thread count the most important parameter when buying bedding? It's very important, yes. For the reasons described above. However, it is not the only thing you should consider. Weave and yarn quality are very important too. Check out our blog post Bed Linens 101 on all the different parameters to consider. 

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